Our Mission Statement

The Simply Because Foundation is dedicated to making a positive difference by providing relief to families that face the daily challenges of childhood illness and disease, who would simply never ask.

Our History

Simply Because Foundation was establish in 2009 with a dedicated group of individuals that want to make a difference in the lives of families that have children affected by childhood disease.  We noticed that middle class income families do not qualify for day to day help that others receive.  Due to this they struggle to provide for their children’s needs, not to mention taking care of what the treatment for the disease requires. These families fight each day to make life as normal as possible, and they would never think of asking for help. These are the families that fall through the cracks, and we are dedicated in helping relieve some of that burden.

Those We Serve

Middle income families that have children diagnosed with a life altering disease.  For a list of our services or to DONATE now click here.

Who Can We Help?

Please complete a referral form and submit to our Referral Committee.


Check out our blog for current news and events.  Click here or visit www.simplybecausefoundation.blogspot.com